Java issues with Firefox

Greetings KoBoNauts,

Just a friendly advisory for users of KoBoForm. Usually, we recommend that users work in the Firefox browser when using KoBoForm, offline or online. However, recent updates to Firefox have caused a known issue with Java. This won’t stop you from using KoBoForm in Firefox, but it will prevent you from saving your form to your local file syste, and it will prevent you from uploading and existing XML form into KoBoForm for editing.

There are two ways around this, One is to simply switch to the Chrome browser. Chrome does not have the same Java incompatibility issue, and this solution works just fine. You should be able to save and upload files as well as all the normal KoBoForm functions. There was a time when we steered KoBoForm users away from using Chrome, but some back-end upgrades to KoBoForm have made those warnings moot, and we now recommend Chrome as the best browser to work in.

Alternatively, if you are very attached to Firefox, you can get around the normal method of Saving forms to local XML file and uploading XML files into KoBoForm, by using the LOAD FROM TEXT and VIEW FORM TEXT functions from the Main Menu.

Load from Text: This will open a window that lets you paste in a the XML from a local form you have opened in a text editor. Just copy, paste, and open.

View Form Text: This function will allow you to copy the XML from the KoBoForm that you are currently working on. Copy and Paste into a text editor to save it to your local system. If you want to move forms you have saved in Firefox to Chrome, open the form using LOAD FROM BROWSER, then select VIEW FORM TEXT to see the XML. Copy and Paste into a text editor to save it to your local system, then you can open the form in your Chrome browser using KoBoForm’s OPEN FROM FILE function.

It’s all in the Main Menu, so I hope this workaround isn’t too much trouble for anyone. I am sure that Firefox will eventually sort out its issues with Java, and we will go back to using both browsers interchangeably. Keep in mind that Forms are stored in the browser using HTML5 local storage, so if you change browsers or computers, your data does not come with you. Sorry for the inconvenience to those who have to manually move their stored forms from Firefox to Chrome.

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KoBo Developer

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