Jr:choice-name to show a sub label

Hi, I would like to be able to show another data binded to a selection:

  • Select the Region + Province + RHU
  • It should show the UFI attached of the RHU as a note

Currently, my workaround is to use select_one to show the UFI.

Thanks in advance!

@lishechen, here is a simple workaround for using the jr:choice-name:

This post discussed previously should help you learn how to use it. You should also be able to search for other posts discussed here on jr:choice-name.

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Other options might be:

  • use the requested additional information (UFI) as name of the choices in the choice_list (RHU)
  • define the UFI mapping as additional column in the choice_list and use pulldata to get the value.

You can find examples using the search function of this forum, as @Kal_Lam noted above already.

Hi, I’ve actually made that on the choices sheet, below. How do I use the pulldata with this one?

Hi Kal! Thanks for the input. I believe I have not been clear but what I mean was the UFI is an associated Unique Facility ID for the RHU (Rural Health Unit). Meaning I would like to make sure that whenever I end up choosing a certain RHU, its corresponding UFI should show as a note. How can this be possible? Thank you!

Can the RHU - UFI mapping be defined mathematically? E.g. UFI = ${RHU} - (${RHU} mod 100) ). This should replace the 2 last digits by 00.
But based on your examples, I am afraid there is not such conversion rule.

Otherwise you could use a “mapping” choice_list, here an example (found with the famous search function of this forum): How to generate dynamic labels based on a calculation - #4 by nat.

Similary, an external mapping csv file and pulldata may be an option.

Hint: You need a calculate type if you want store the UFI in the data. (A note will not store it).

Hi would you have an example of the csv file + pulldata option? I feel like this might be a good solution. Many thanks!