Kobo doesn't download full data to Excel through weblink

Hello! I’m trying to download data from Kobo to Excel, but some columns are empty, however, they have data in the Kobo. Previously, all data was downloaded successfully, but today apparently it’s not working.
Can someone help me urgently? As it’s for the Ukrainian crisis response.

@Darya, have you tried downloading your data in XLS format (opposed to the Excel Power Query) to see if the data are there?

Yes, of course. Data is there. But when I try to access data through a weblink, some tada is missing. i can sent you examples of data personally.


Maybe if you have not gone through our support article before (it should also be helpful):

Thank you! had sent you dataset with data

Could you highlight the section where you feel like the data is missing when linking the data with the Excel Power Query?

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OK, now could you also share a screenshot of the same section downloading it in XLS format with the community?