Kobo for data collection of clinical consultations

Dear Kobo Community,

I would like to build a data collection tool for a clinical consultation. For one patient, there will be one first visit with several follow up visits. It’s almost like an EMR, but it will not be 100% of medical information to be collected in Kobo, only few key variables needed to calculate few key performance indicators. Is Kobo designed for such use case?

Thank you.

Welcome to the community, @vini! Almost all research activities can be conducted with KoboToolbox. It’s only the way how you handle it. So, are you planning to link the variables from form 1 to form 2? If yes, this can be done through the `Dynamic Data Attachment feature in KoboToolbox. Let me know if this is how you wish to design your survey project. I could then link you to the article related to the same.

Thank you for your response @Kal_Lam .
It’s not for a survey actually. It’s for a mental health clinic. So, when a patient first come, we will use an assessment form. Then, for the 2nd visit and more, we will use a follow up form. We need to be able to link the assessment and follow up forms of one patient so that we can calculate the improvement of the patient from assessment until the end of the follow up. It is normally around 10-12 follow up visits per patient.
Is this something that can be done in Kobo?

@vini, if this is the case, maybe you could give it a try with the dynamic data attachment feature that we have. Here is the support article and the sample XLSForm: