Kobo REST to Google Sheets

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we want to set up a public-participation project consisting of several short surveys that will be connected by a registration form, where participants fill in some personal information and choose a username.
Now the idea is to send a subset of the registration form (username) to a specific Google Sheet, that is availalbe as CSV by URL. At the end of each survey, people are asked to provide their username they chose in the registration form, which will be validated by using the Google Sheets CSV as external source.

I hope there are no fallacies so far.

Broader problem: How do I set up the Kobo REST Services to post this single value (username) to a Google Sheet. Reading the Sheets API Docs I think I’m able to figure out the right commands to write new data in a new row. But I’m stuck at authentication.

So the specific problem: How do I authenticate Kobo REST services at Google Sheets API? Sheets API is activated. API Token and credentials have been created. But I don’t have the slightes idea how to use them correctly. I suppose that using OAuth is the only way to authenticate to a non-public sheet, but don’t unterstand anything beyond that point. Is OAuth supported by Kobo REST at all? Would it at least be possible with a public sheet?

Has anyone already solved a similar problem?

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Hi @DSimon,

Sorry to inform you that the method you wish to use is not supported by KoBoToolbox at the moment.

Please try other alternatives like pulldata functionality as outlined in the support article here. It’s a bit manual but should solve your issue.

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Hi @Kal_Lam,

thanks for your reply, I have some questions since you refer to my post as one method, while I’m looking to combine two methods.

Pulldata will be used in survey forms to check if a username is valid. Regarding this: If I attach the CSV by URL instead of uploading a file, will the CSV be pulled each time the form is opened/reloaded on a device? If yes, one of my requirements would be met perfectly.

My other question, where I’m not sure, if it was adressed by your answer, to put in plain words: Is it possible to use Kobos REST Service to send collected data to a Google Sheet?


Hi @DSimon
Just following up on this on behalf of @Kal_Lam

The CSV file will only be pulled if:

  1. You download a new version of the form when you have redeployed
  2. If you use URL, then there must be a way to save the downloaded URL to the specific folder needed. Please note we have some discussions that have happened before if you search the forum.
    Updating a survey form using folder sync & google sheet

Yes this is possible and you should follow discussions that have happened here



Warm regards everyone,
This discussion has been very useful and we can see lots of grammar, whoops, that’s our head spinning down here.
Kudos @DSimon and to @stephanealoo & @Kal_Lam for your insights.

In lay terms, we have run the “code.js, choose-form.html and choose-host.html” in the GitHub link given and up to the authorization step in the Readme, we are good.
Right now, we can’t yet see the “Update from KoBoCat” menu in Google Sheets.