Kobo training in French

Hi there,
We have a team in Morocco hoping to understand how to use Kobo, what it offers etc, but they require the information in French. Has anyone translated training materials? I’ve seen it in Arabic but not French.

Hi @kchurch,

Soon there will be a new help article created with a French KoBo training guide that was generously shared by the World Bank and GEMS.

Until that is published though, feel free to use this link to go directly to the training slides.

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Hi Kelly,

We recently recorded a Kobo training in French: Formation KoBoToolbox en Français - YouTube

And here is a guide in French: KoBoToolbox_Digital_French_0120.pdf - Google Drive

Hope this helps!

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Thank you for sharing this with the entire community, @dianedetoeuf! This should be very helpful for the entire community. Could we also use your documents for our help site?

Hi Kal,

Of course, feel free to use & share these documents ! The guide is also available in english, spanish, portuguese and bahasa. You can find them all here: ConSoSci KoBoToolbox Manual - Google Drive

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Thank you so much @dianedetoeuf for sharing the same with the entire community and making the community rich with resources :heart: !

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