KoBo Training Material in Other Languages

KoBo community,

Much like the help article and link for KoBoToolbox training materials in Arabic, we are hoping to build up a collection of training materials in other languages for our support center. If you, or your organization, have created KoBoToolbox training materials in languages other than English or Arabic, please let us know! We would love to help share it with the greater KoBo community and can offer authorship credit in return.



Hi Mike,

In WCS we developed training material in french for our teams in Central Africa. Happy to share if that can be useful!



Video tutorials in french HERE


Are there any training materials available in Russian? I’m also curious if it’s possible to get the Kobo Toolbox interface/builder in any other language than English?


Hi Mike,

It’s such a good idea to collect these types of training materials, it’s going to be very useful for users :slightly_smiling_face:

In CartONG we made a Mobile Data Collection Toolkit, you can find it here : https://www.mdc-toolkit.org/
We also do it in french : https://www.mdc-toolkit.org/fr/

You can find here a lot of training materials about Kobo :

  • Adapt your survey : to work with different languages, to keep the analysis easier (by naming your variables), add media (barcode by example)
  • Deploy your survey: train your team, adapt it once it’s deploy
  • Analysis of data: Use and adapt the Kobo Excel Analyzer, Clean data (by correcting it). You can also find a “Data vizualisation toolkit”.
  • Work with other tools: link Kobo & the Google Sheet, link with uMap.

If you have any question, feel free to ask ! :wink:

All the best,


@chloelaborde @mike.destaubin great initiative and the MDC doc are immediately relevant for the work we are preparing to do in Thailand. Much appreciated


Hi @dianedetoeuf Yes, please do share! Either here in this thread or PM me :slight_smile:

And merci beaucoup @chloelaborde and @nca_hum_div! We will work on integrating your training material into our newly created KoBoToolbox Training Materials in French support article. I will reachout if I have any questions.

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I really love those :slight_smile:
100% recommended.