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Thanks Neil,

I’ll certainly check if using the javarosa subset of XForms is feasible to use for my app (Rapaide).

Regarding laptop preference in some situations: yes, Rapaide is specifically meant for primary emergencies (the first month) where Clusters need to get off the ground asap and conduct needs assessments collaboratively amongst the cluster partners (different NGOs, UN). For such a specific (non-planned) context a browser-based app would be an easier-to-deploy and a rather exciting option (although the persistence of IE coupled with the forthcoming Gears deprecation is still a nagging issue).

I’ll keep in touch! The app is currently functioning (pre-alpha) using a (hand-coded) custom json format. I must say it’s tempting to keep using a custom json format for simplicity sake… but interoperability with e.g. Kobo Toolbox would be much better.



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I see what you are trying to do, create a survey app that runs offline in a

browser and uses a standard format for creating forms and saving data.

Sometimes it is more feasible to work on a laptop. This is a consideration

for highly qualitative data where there might be a lot of text to type,

difficult on an Android.

We use HTML5, too, in the KoBoForm app. This allows for some offline

operations like saving and storing forms. There are a few limitations to

that, but we do get a lot out of it. You might benefit from some research

here <http://diveintohtml5.info/offline.html> about working offline, and

here <http://diveintohtml5.info/storage.html> about local storage.

Xforms is really the way you want to go for standardized format. It’s XML

based, widely supported, and human readable. Javarosa’s subset of Xforms is

a very large and usable subset, and allows Xforms to be used on mobile

devices. If you want your data collection app to be compatible with mobile

devices (i.e. offering users the ability to use the same forms on Laptops

in Browser AND on phones) then you will really want to stick to that


We’d love to see a KoBoForm compatible app that runs offline, in-browser,

and collects data using surveys written in KoBoForm. I hope to hear more

from you in this area.



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