[KoBo Users] using kobocollect with formhub

Hi Luis,
You can definitely do that. KoBoCollect is closely based on ODK Collect though so I don’t think that you’ll find that your issue is going to be handled differently between the two apps. But the best way is to try of course.

The new KoBoToolbox is based on a reworked version of Formhub with many improvements and a more stable server, so I would suggest you host your survey with one of the two public KoBo instances (http://www.kobotoolbox.org/#getstarted).




On Wed, Mar 4, 2015 at 6:27 AM Luis Molina micuent...@gmail.com wrote:

Hi, is it possible to use kobocollect with formhub? , I have found some problems with odk collect and formhub and maybe it doesnt occurs using kobocollect with formhub.

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