[KoBo Users] Web browser submissions not saved

Hi Guevara,

When you submit data, be it with Collect or with Enketo Web forms, the submissions will always be reflected immediately on the server and be visible in the different views (data table, download, map, etc). If you’ve submitted records that are not yet on the server, this means that they are still stored offline on the device and waiting to be submitted. For Web forms they will submit automatically once an Internet connection is detected, but only if the browser window with the form is open at the time. You can check the status of your submissions by clicking on the small bracket to open the submission queue drawer on the left. It will show the number of records waiting to be submitted, and the status of each submission once you reconnect. (In the case of images being submitted this can take longer, but for text submissions it’s almost instantaneous.)

If you’ve confirmed that your device is online, that the form is open in your browser and showing records in the queue that aren’t uploading, please send some more details about your particular form URL to sup...@kobotoolbox.org so we can look into it.



On Mon, Jun 1, 2015 at 5:13 AM, sydne...@gmail.com wrote:


We have created few XLSForms and upload them to KoBo. When the data entry is done and KoBo Collect, and the forms are submitted, we can see the submissions online. However, when the data entry is done in a bowser, and the forms are submitted, we cannot see the submissions online.

We are using KoBo Toolbox for humanitarian organizations (kobo.humanitarianresponse.info).

What could be the issue?

Thank you.


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