Kobo web takes a very long time to submit

I have xlsform with 500 questions,
filling out the questionnaire proceeded normally, but it took a very long time when the questionnaire was submitted.

Anyone can help me to make the following questionnaire faster when submitted on kobo web?https://drive.google.com/file/d/1aNW0UwK5inddWpt2zyG-vJv3cGr7rvbn/view?usp=sharing

kuesioner kobo.xlsx (376.9 KB)

Hi @zeinpro,

Welcome to the community! I don’t think a survey project with 500 question should lag during submission. Besides, i don’t see any image questions that your form is trying to capture. Generally if you have an image question the size of the image should take a bit time during submission. But this too does not isn’t your case.

At the same time would you also mind checking the speed of your internet here. Sometimes the same might affect the submission lag that you are reporting.

However, kingly please let us know the server (OCHA or HHI) you are using? We would like to test the same at our end and see if it takes the same long amount of time even at our end.

Have a great day!

Thank you for accepting me …

I use the kobohumanitarianresponse, there are no pictures or other media in the questionnaire, all just text questions.

the internet in my area is not that bad, PING ms 7; DOWNLOAD Mbps 12.66; UPLOAD Mbps 9.77.

I also asked two of my friends to fill out this questionnaire using their smartphone, but it still takes a long time to submit, about 3-10 minutes just for submit.

Hi @zeinpro,

Submitting a data which takes around 3-10 minutes is definitely a large amount of time. Would you mind trying to submit your data with a different browser, device and internet connectivity then the one you are currently using to see if there is any change with the change in options.

Have a great day!

Can you try to fill out this questionnaire? You can just select “No” for all question.

This is the questionnaire above, with the contraints I removed.

I have tried it using my handphone, it takes a very long time to submit.


After that, can I get feedback from you?

I just tested it. Iit takes more than 5 minutes. I stopped it then.

But a bit later it passed (1 minute)
Doesn’t seem a problem of the form. Maybe the Enketo server?
Even trying with one field (what should provoke a mandatory error), didn’t pass now. Similar same speedtest values.

Good luck.

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Thankyou for testing my form…

I’ve also tried changing the style to “pages”, but it still takes a long time to submit.
So, Maybe the Enketo server?
I don’t get the answer yet, and I can’t share this form yet…

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Hi @zeinpro
We have been able to look at the form again and noticed that there is no issue with Enketo other than the fact that you do have a complex form which takes longer to evaluate before converting to XML form which is submitted. The only potential solution is for you to scrutinize your form and look for any redundancy in terms of skips logics, calculations and form structures. We believe that changing the form would result to a faster submission form,

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Hi @zeinpro,

As a backup of what @stephanealoo has advised, if you enter the data with your survey form which has no complex expressions and syntax in constraints, calculations and other parts of the form you should be able to submit the data with ease. Where the number of variables you are referring does not affect.

Maybe you could test this xlsform of yours where i have removed all the expressions used in the xlsform:

kuesioner kobo_E.xlsx (39.0 KB)

Have a great day!