Kobo won't accept an option and prevent submission

Hello everyone!

I have been using a form in Kobo for a literature review for a month, and a few of my teammates have recently had problems submitting records for specific sources.
The obstacles seems to be a required “select_one” question with minimal and autocomplete appearance where they are required to select the citation for the source reviewed.

Once they fill the form and submit the record, Kobo says that there are errors with the form with regard to that question, flagging “this question is compulsory” as if it was empty.
At the same time, the question bar “freezes” and it is impossible to change the source selected, effectively preventing submission. (see image below)

I have checked the kobo code and i didn’t find any problem with these options (see image below), so I was wondering if it could be a bug in Kobo. At the same time, it doesn’t seem to occur with all sources.
error 2|690x158
Let me know if you can help me wit!h that!



@gbompani, welcome to the community! Would you mind checking out 5.a Select the specific reference? I guess it’s a note, and you must have used the required=True for this note question type. The best and easy approach to identify this issue is by downloading your survey question as an xlsform and then scanning them manually.

Thanks for welcoming me.
Actually I am always working in an xlsform, and unfortunately it is a select_one question, not a note.
Plus, as I was explaining in the first post, it accepts some entries but deny others.

Would you validating your xlsform through this online validator and see if there are any issues?

It found an error related to the kobo name of another row, the beginning of a subsequent repeat group (the code included a space)- you can find the screenshot below.
It doesn’t seem to be related to question 5.a Select the specific reference ?
Do you think this could actually be related?

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Great, you could fix this! Thank you confirming.

Nope, I have redeployed the form without the space, and it is still not working for that source. I have re-used the online validator and now it says that the error is that it doesn’t recognise the begin kobomatrix (although I checked, everything is in order, including the kobo–matrix_list column). It really puzzles me because it only concers some sources, not others.

Maybe it would be easy if you share your xlsform through the community. The community would be able to help you identify the issue. Besides, please note that begin_kobomatrix is a KoBoToolbox function to create matrix questions and should not work with the Online Validator.

That would be great! How can I do that? i have tried to attach the xls file to this post but it says new users cannot do that.
Thanks a lot for the help and for bearing with me!

You should now be able to attach your xlsform in the community.

Indeed! Kindly find the form below (I have changed the question labels and options label for privacy, but it shouldn’t affect the code). I have kept the problematic option in its original label, and it’s highlighted in yellow in the choices


Kobo for literature review_final_repeat country_CHECK KOBO COMMUNITY.xlsx (45.1 KB)

I see duplicate names under the survey tab. Try making them unique and you problem should be solved.

Reference xlsform (with duplicates)

Kobo for literature review_final_repeat country_CHECK KOBO COMMUNITY.xlsx (46.2 KB)

Hi there!
I found the solution to the problem: a few labels included a newline/linebreak in the label, and it apparently messed with Kobo’s capacity to recognise the option selected.
Now it’s working fine :wink:
Thanks for the help!

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Thank you, @gbompani, for sharing the solution with the entire community!

Hi. I noticed you are using KTB for systematic reviews. Me too. I am very curious to know what your approach offers beyond commercial solutions. Would you be interested in discussing this?