KoBoCollect adds 2nd newline in Labels & Hints after a Ctrl-Enter newline (XLSForm)


KoBoCollect adds 2nd newline in Labels after a Ctrl+Enter newline (XLSForm), e.g. in Notes, Text labels (and Choices)
It works well in Preview/Enketo (except for choices, see below).

Steps to Reproduce

See attached example: NewLineDoubledKoBoCollect.xlsx (12.3 KB)

  1. Import XLSForm & deploy
  2. Try with KoBoCollect (Android smartphone)
  3. Compare with Preview/Enketo.

Expected behavior

No such hidden treatment of texts and labels should be done. Or at least be documented in support article and made controllable by the user.
Like also the trimming of leading and trailing blanks and “normalising of (multiple) blanks” in labels and in entry fields., (Optimising layout should stay under control of the designer.)

Actual behavior

For each XLSForm newline (Ctrl-Enter in Excel) a second newline is added by KoBoCollect.

In Preview/EnketoIt’s ok for labels and texts, except for choices (where the newlines are changed to blanks):

Additional details

OCHA Server XLSFom Windows 10). Android 5.0, SM-N900

Two Support questions, please:

  1. Is there any doumentation what label treatment is automatically done in KoBoCollect/KoBoToolbox?
  2. How can we control that we only get ONE newline in KoBoCollect.
  3. Which of these elements are depending on the Android vers ion?

Kind regards

Dear @Kal_Lam,
Thanks for tag, but this seems not the right one, as Enketo is fine, but KoBoCollect NOT.
Maybe you can correct the tag.
Kind regards

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