KoboCollect Error: Stream was reset: PROTOCOL_ERROR

Dear KoboToolbox Community,

My colleague encountered an error when submitting the collected questionnaires to the server through the KoboCollect application.

The issue happened today as our college could perform this without any problem yesterday.

I have visited this page: Troubleshooting KoboCollect Android Application — KoboToolbox documentation, but the error message for this issue is not listed on the page.

I am looking forward to hearing from you.

Best regards,

Welcome to the community, @mardii11! It seems like you have tried to upload your data via mobile data. You may need to upload your data through the WiFi to see how it behaves. I assume your form is heavy (with images, audio, and video attachments), so it may be having issues being sent to the server. Maybe you will need to try sending it again to the server with a higher speed mobile data or using WiFi. Please let us know what happens after you try the WiFi to submit your data.