KoBoCollect get form with no KoBo account

What is the general goal of the feature?
To allow multiple users without a KoBo account an easier way to upload their data through the amazing KoBoCollect app. The proposed change is to implement an option available for example in ODK: in the server settings you can specify the address where the project/form is located even without an ODK account, Anyone could then get the form in their app, fill it and upload the data. I am aware of the Enketo webform, but that does not exploit the added functionalities of the app (better interface, save/edit submissions, no upload limit for files).

What is a possible user story for how and when this would be used by someone on your team?
In a citizen scientist project, I am hoping to engage more people as possible. The Enketo form may not be a viable option for me due to the 10MB upload limit for attachments. Users creating accounts and then applying for permission to join the project may not be viable either. The streamlined procedure (download app, set the server, get form, go!) will definitely improve the uptake while overcoming the upload size limit.

Correct me if I have misunderstood you.

  • User A has a project (deployed) with one of the KoBoToolbox user account.
  • User A should now be able to get a URL or say some API link which, if connected with the KoBoCollect android app should be able to link the KoBoCollect android app with User A’s deployed project.

Advantages of this approach:

  • No need to share login credentials with the enumerator.

Exactly. Thanks for summarizing it in a better and more concise way.

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@Kal_Lam what’s the difference between what this request describes and the way KoBo already operates when “Require authentication to see forms or submit data” is unchecked?

Also, raising this limit may be a worthwhile feature request in its own right:

I think the goal is to configure Collect the way Central does, via a unique URL / QR code that doesn’t require the enumerator to create an account (or in fact enter the username and password at all). @simblanco, to be sure, ODK Central still requires the survey administrator to create an “app user” for collecting data, so the equivalent for KoBo would be what @raph proposed at Advanced user management: easily create and manage data collectors and admins - with the addition of the QR code feature to rapidly configure Collect.

The QR code feature then in KoBo’s case would include the username of the enumerator, and possibly the password too (but it would have to be entered when generating the code since it’s only stored in hashed form on the database).

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Thanks I did not know about @raph proposal. It is indeed very similar to mine and I just voted it! It seems that there is a wider interest in this direction.

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