Kobocollect language support

So in my Kobocollect app, I have switched the language in the user interface to Farsi but the majority of the app is still in English with some words here and there translated but mostly English. Is there a way I can contribute to the finalization of the Farsi app translation? I have many translators for Farsi accessible to work on this so just let us know how to help. It would be a massive help to me and the NGO that I work with that primarily operates in Farsi. Let me know how to help so we could get the language support more robust.

I have attached a screenshot below for an example (I realize some of the words in English could be changed such as “group”, and “test compare survey” but my point is more about the things like “save changes”/“ignore changes”):

Hi @Anderson

Yes there is a way you can contribute to our application translations! I will send you a private message with instructions.


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Hi, We would also like to use Kobocollect in Farsi (Dari), but are facing problems. Mike can you send me information too?

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We have added quite a bit of Farsi to the translations but I don’t know if it has been rolled out or not. I know it’s not 100% complete but it would be nice to get what we have translated so far out to the app.

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