KoboCollect Release 2024.1.3 Interface Changes

Dear All,

We are releasing KoboCollect version 2024.1.3 which includes some major changes.

1. Finalized forms can no longer be edited; save as Draft to continue making edits

If changes need to be made to a finalized submission, please send the submission and make the changes in the KoboToolbox UI

2. Draft submissions are now auto-validated

Validation happens automatically and the errors are displayed in-line

3. Submissions under the Drafts can now be bulk finalized

Finalize all drafts at once with the ‘Finalize all drafts’ button which can be found by pressing the three buttons

4. Validation errors are displayed in-line while filling in a form

Errors can now be viewed within the submission if ‘Check for errors’ is selected

5. New question type to print to Android-compatible printer

For more information regarding this new field, please refer to the ODK Documentation Question Types - ODK Docs