Kobotoolbox create and deploy form issue

Hello all,

I have setup kobotoolbox using the kobo-docker(Followed steps specified in https://github.com/kobotoolbox/kobo-docker). I have created multiple forms and uploaded data using the kobo-collect app. I have also migrated some data fom the old system to kobotoolbox. Recently I started facing this issue where I am not able to create form using the KPI application but I could create it using the upload functionality where we can give xls file. Even after creating the form using upload xls file I am not able to deploy it. I see “csrf token invalid” error whenever I click on deploy button. I see this same error if I try to create form using KPI application. In this case the error is not displayed on UI but I could see in browser inspection mode. The “assests” request fails with above error. In the inspect mode I could see two csrf token that are sent in the request header. Below is the attached screenshot for the same.

Please guide me to resolve this issue.