KOBOTOOLBOX is not downloading data and unable to upload existing forms

Sever type is Non-Humanitarian Server.

I am facing following issue since yesterday. My timezone: India (GMT+5:30):

  1. I am trying to replace form with an existing form but I am unable to do so as it is stuck in uploading file.

  2. While downloading data, the xls sheet is stuck in processing state.

I am in the middle of two projects and need to get data in one and do form testing in another. I want to know when will this issue be resolved if it is from the backend. In case this problem is from our end then please provide solution. URGENT

Hi @apulikkal,

Post from Kal:

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@apulikkal, we will update you when this issue is resolved. FYR:

@apulikkal, this issue has now been resolved.

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Thank you very much for swift response. Appreciate if @Kal_Lam

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