Label different in the questionnaire and the dataset while downloading data from the server

Hi Kal_Lam,

I have a problem for another project… I can’t know why this happened. there is a difference between the label on the form and the label when I am collecting data

please the solution

Thank you

Hi @budhy_priantomo,

Would you mind ensuring that the survey project has been deployed. Sometimes, this type of issue might show up if you make changes in the survey project (if the form builder UI) but it’s un-deployed.

Have a great day!

HI @Kal_Lam,


So, what should I do. honestly, I am very confused with this problem because I just tried kobocollect.


Hi @budhy_priantomo,

Would you mind sharing with me the following information through a private message so that i could have a closer look at my end:

  • User name
  • Project name
  • Server you are using (OCHA or HHI)

Have a great day!


username : xxxxxx
Project name : xxxxxx

and i do not undertand about server

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Hi @budhy_priantomo,

Maybe this post discussed previously should help you understand your issue: