Label from a multiple select question not showing in a repeating group

Hi all,

I have XLS form which works well, it includes one question and a group. While trying to create a group which include the mentioned question and group, the form doesn’t works as it did before.
Please have a look at attached picture to understand well the issue.
Thanks a million.

new collection.xlsx (11.8 KB)

Hi @bazzouzi

Could you please share with us the xlsform after you made the changes because the form you have shared works perfectly.

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The file I shared is after changes. It works well in part, just the name of mantika does not appear as it was.

Can you share the file here we look at it as suggested by @Ysr3322


Hi @bazzouzi
I think your issue happened because you are trying to make it as a repeat group which includes a repeat group. Do you really want to make it like that or just as a group? If so, the name of mankita will appear as it was.
Kindly find attached new collection.xlsx (12.2 KB)

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Thank you Yasser!

However, I didn’t notice the difference. The problem is with “Repeat this group if necessary”, if it is check the name of mantika disappears.
Hopefully it is clear now.

Hi @bazzouzi,

Kindly please be informed that the issue you flagged earlier was a bug as reported here in the GitHub:

It’s now fixed and the same should work smoothly. FYI,