Labels for calculate variables

Hi there. I am using a calculate variable to generate a score for a questionnaire however I have noticed that there is no label for this type of variables/ questions. Is there a way of adding a label so that when I generate a report it’s easy to see what the calculation is?

In xls the variable looks like this

The lines above are the calculations for each question.

Not directly.
As workarounds you could

  1. use a select type, read_only, with calculation and define a related choice_list with names and labels.
  2. use a textual form for your calculate, e.g. “9_very_high”.
  3. use another tool for reporting, e.g. SPSS, where you can define/add labels

If this reporting is after the survey, you may also try:

  • create a new version of the form and change the calculate type to select and define a related choice_list. And deploy the form.
    Hint for export: This will not cast all cases if you use “include all versions” (default)!

Using “hidden” as type is not a solution, as it is not visible in report (but in table view) - whereas the calculate type is.

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@ashirley, or as a different approach, you could also display the calculated values in a different note question type.

Thanks @Kal_Lam but would this mean that the score is then visible to the respondent? I need the score to be hidden so that they don’t cheat on the test :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks @wroos I will these and let you know how I get on.

Hint: Notes are not visible in KoBo report. And in table view only with ${reference} placeholder.

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