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I am not an IT expert and have a question: I use API to connect Kobo with an excel file on my server which works well to automatically download the data. However, it downloads only the values and I would prefer to have the labels instead (e.g. for column headers or choice questions). Anyone knows if it is possibel to get the labels and if so, how it works?

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same request here :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi @savinglives, @MEF2311,

Welcome to the community! Maybe this post discussed previously should solve your issue:

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not able to create this api request in google script. its giving invalid data

@rupeshpatil80040, did you follow the post discussed previously? It should help you solve your issue:

thank you ,
this is working now.

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Tengo el miso problema, puedes indicar finalmente cĂłmo va la estructura de esta api? la aplico pero no funciona bien.
Âżdonde veo el id. form?
gracias por tu ayuda.

Does this method still work? Tried it recently and kept being presented with errors. Tried using the “?lang=English” on the api method

> []

and still not able to get labels.

Welcome back to the community, @MaddTitan! Will let you know when it should be back.

Thanks, it’s sorely needed

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Please tell me too @Kal_Lam

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Same issue, I followed all the instruction but still not able to get right data using API to obtain to excel with variable labels

Welcome to the community, @ezyarmal! We will let you know when we resolve this issue.

I am guessing still no luck with this?

Hi All;

During my review to the post and discussions it seems no such solution till now,

as there are many demands for this issue

Please let us know in case any update popped up

Hi all (@hishamdar, @rupeshpatil80040, @raquelchaicoj, @MaddTitan, @ezyarmal), please note that this feature has been completed and will be released into production in the coming weeks. Thank you for your patience :pray:


WOW !!! Looking forward for its Release :slight_smile: …:pray:

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Que bien… lo he estado esperando! ¿ya esta funcionando?

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No @raquelchaicoj, it will be out in the next release.

Hello All,

I am wondering if any exact date or schedule of next release, for the adjusted LABEL API issue,.

Thanks in advance