Language translation for Kobo buttons and pop-up messages

I would like to translate the language shown in Kobo buttons and pop-up messages such as “Submit,” “Return to the beginning,” and error messages. I read the following article, but it did not work for my case: Translate KoBo buttons and info pop-ups, like “Submit” button and the information boxes when you submit the form
Is Japanese translation available for these?

@Sue, did you mean you wish to translate the Submit and Return to the beginning? Please be informed that these are buttons available on the data collection platform.

Could you kindly share a screenshot of where you are trying to refer this from with the community? Maybe the community could then help you check to see if the translations are available for these in Japanese language.

Thank you @ Kal_Lam for your response! Yes, I wish to translate the “Submit” and “Return to the beginning,” and the alert messages if possible. These are the screen shot. Are they modifiable?

スクリーンショット 2024-04-25 9.06.08