Translate KoBo buttons and info pop-ups, like “Submit” button and the information boxes when you submit the form

How can we translate KoBo buttons and info pop-ups, like “Submit” button and the information boxes when you submit the form?

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@hakan_cetinkaya, please be informed that I have split this post to a new one so that we could manage the issues in the community systematically.

If you are planning to collect your data through Enketo, you could translate the buttons as outlined in the support article Adding Another Language in the Project Dashboard and Adding Another Language to your XLSForm.

And this post should also help you show how one is able to change the language in a browser:

This post discussed previously should help you manage language in your KoBoCollect android app:

@Kal_Lam Thank you for your answer. I read both of the articles and posts.

Correct me if I’m wrong but adding another language in the project dashboard doesn’t change the “Submit” button at the end.

According to your answer, only way to change the button itself is to use translation from browsers.

But I think my question is about the “Language” selection under the account settings. Is there a way to add a new language there?

Did you feed the language code correctly too e.g. if you are say using English you will also have to use the language code en. If you ensure this, the language in your browser will change accordingly.

Yes, I did. But it only allows me to change the language of the questions. It doesn’t change the “Submit” button, the UI, and the information pop-ups from the system itself.

@hakan_cetinkaya, did you define any default language to your survey project?

Indeed I did.

Language kobo

Ok, will check and get back to you.

Hi @hakan_cetinkaya
Questionnaire/form based translation have no effect on the system language of the data collection device. As such buttons such as submit would not pick the translation of the form as you may have wanted.


Hello @stephanealoo
Is there a way to translate them?

@hakan_cetinkaya, here is an opportunity to help translate the language you speak in KoBoToolbox:

This should be helpful for your project and a lot other users speaking the same language.

Hi @Kal_Lam,

Indeed, we are translating the entire thing in Transifex. For the ones who are interested in Turkish version, I believe it is being implemented and/or will be soon.

Thank you.

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Yes, we will surely update the same and make it live if we also have a reviewer. But I can see there are a total of 2 translators and a reviewer in Turkish language. Maybe we could request someone to review and approve the translation once it’s over. Please do let us know when the translations are over.

@Kal_Lam I am the reviewer :slight_smile:

I’m in contact with the translator, we are working on the last bit.

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Kindly please let us know and we would love to help push it further so that the entire Turkish community could benefit from the translation you and your team made to. :pray: