Last night Kobo project simply disappeared

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I see many similar questions, but let me please try.

Last night Kobo project simply disappeared - just gone. I have re-created new form and recovered data from the last backup, but 200+entries are missing. Is there any way to recover lost project/data in Kobo? Even data in excel would mean a lot.

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Welcome to the community @log! Could you also let us know a bit more on what you were doing while the project suddenly disappeared? This should help us troubleshoot your issue.

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I was checking entries one by one, and refreshing table from time to time. And next refresh showed error and all gone. Three of us have password and no-one deleted project. Unless you see differently in the system.

Were you the owner of the survey project or was the survey project shared to you by someone else?

Owner is my colleague who created profile awhile ago, and I took over administration from him (I am his line manager). We use the same password.

So you both have the login credentials for the user account?

Yes, its a lot of entries so we do checking and corrections together.

Can you confirm that your colleague has not deleted the project by accident.

I asked and he claimed not, it was also a bit late so I think he was not working at that time.

to add, so much work invested in all this, so its hard to believe some of us would do it… :frowning:

Can you also let us know the tentative time on when this happened?

approximately last night around 21:00 Mid East time

Could you provide us the following information through a private message so that we could dig into your issue:

  • Username
  • Project name
  • Server

I would happy, just first to see how to send PM… :slight_smile:

This post discussed previously should help you send a private message:

Apology, it says I cannot send message to you… :frowning:

We need this, so I don’t mind sharing here, maybe it can be deleted later.


Thank you a lot!!!

OK, you should now be able to send it. But it’s OK, i received the details.

Maybe this will work, to try again… :slight_smile:


Hope you received now

Thank you lot!!!

So when was the survey project created that had approximately 950 entries?

I created it, let’s say November… can’t say precisely…

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