Last saved value support - edit or upload xml?

I have a form where I would like to implement the ${last-saved#field} available in XLSForms v2. I tried uploading a new xls spreadsheet to Kobotoolbox with the default set with this option but it imports this as if it were text string rather than parsing it. The form works as expected when I convert to xml using XLSForms online (

I assume that this means the current version of Kobocat doesn’t handle this feature so I wonder if there is a work around whereby I can edit the xml manually or upload the ‘correct’ xml

Otherwise, is there a plan or timescale to upgrade / update the XLSForm ‘engine’?

Many thanks.

Hi @seewhy
Your assessment is right, we have not yet had an upgrade that would address the issue with last saved.

At the moment we are working on other upgrades which would solve this issue among a set of other issues. Unfortunately we can not tell specifically when this will be done since we have other more pressing requests. KIndly forllow the following issue log to monitor the progress.,

No we do not have a very concise timeline but we are sure this may not happen in 2020

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Hi @stephanealoo
Thanks for your reply - it is helpful to understand how things are moving and to be able to track progress.
Keep up the great work with the upgrades and requests.