Legacy interface changes to the new one

HI Kal,

Thank you for notification on changing the legacy interference changes from June 14. I have some work going on through old legacy. How can I transfer all forms and data to new interference legacy, which are still on going survey till a month or may be more.

I did sync forms of projects in the new interface. But all forms are not sync. I have total five forms and just 3 forms are sync.

It would be great help from your side.

Dinesh Dongol

@Dnes, could you recheck it again and reach us back if they are still not synced. We shall sync them for you. If you need our support to sync them for you please reach us through a private message with the following information:

  • Username
  • Server

I had sync But not al the forms are synced. I had total 5 different forms and Only 3 were synced.

I will be sending it through Private message.


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@Dnes, when looking at your user account, I can see a total of 3 survey projects in your KC interface, which is already there in the KPI.

KC interface:

Though I see the 2 survey projects being duplicated there.

KPI interface:

Can you let us know how this happened? This should be helpful for our developers.

lets see from the Image 1, We got 5 different forms but forms are use for different purpose. The red color are two different files which are been used in the filed right now. one file is sync in red and another one is not synced, as you can see from the image 2 both had got different names on it.

Again talking about the blue box color, these forms are used in pre-test, One fie is synced, which is inactive and another (this one is also inactive) is not synced again as you can see in the image 2. These blue color box file are for backup purpose as it has got data on it.

@Dnes, so you mean Cooperative_Officer and Coopereative_Members are two different survey projects with the same created data and submission totals while Cooperative_Officer_ODK_pre_test and Cooperative_Members_ODK_pre_test are also two different survey projects with the same created data and submission totals.

yes Kal, you are right,

All four are different forms. As you said, Coopertive_officer and Cooperative_members are created on same date and submission in total are also same.

And same goes with Cooperative_Officer_ODK_pre_test and Cooperative_Members_ODK_pre_test, as these are back -up file, I am not using it currently.

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Thank you for bringing this to our attention @Dnes. Will get back to you when we sync them from KC to KPI.

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Thank Kal,

Problem had been solved. Have a great day.


@Dnes, thank you for confirming!

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