Legacy Interface - Will soon dissapear

We uploaded our survey to the KoBo platform, and I downloaded the android app from Google Store. When I tried to use it there was a message: "The legacy interface will soon dissapear - tell us why you are still using it

Is there a new app or a way around this issue? Any advice would be appreaciated.


Dave Robbins

Hi @dmrobbins10
Welcome to the community forum. You are probably using the new interface and you need not to worry. This message is presented so that any user who is using the legacy interface can switch to the new interface. If you are not sure, please send us a private message with your user name we can counter check.


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Dear Stephane,

Here are the log-in credentials we are using:

Url: https://kc.humanitarianresponse.info

I have attached the notice with the error message. It says there is a link to the new interface. Can you provide that link in your response?

Thanks so much,


Hi @dmrobbins10,

Do you still see the error message (500 Error)? If yes, could you kindly provide us the exact steps on when you see this error message? We would also like to see if we could reproduce the same at our end.

Hi. It seems to be working working properly now. Thanks so much for responding.


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