Likert scale options are hard to differentiate because the sentence is too long

I am designing a likert scale question in English and Arabic. For the Arabic one, it is hard to differentiate the choices from each other as the sentences are displayed too close to each other that it’s hard to tell which words belong to which choice (see pic).

Is there a way to manually enter a new line so that the choices are distinguishable from one another?

Welcome @jrafla,
Are you using Collect or Enketo (Webform)?

You may try with Alt+Enter in the XLSForm choice label.

Hint: Shortening the texts might be a general user-friendly option.

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I tried the Alt+Enter in the XLSForm and it still did not work. I shortened the text. I think that’s the only solution.

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As they show some different behaviour for HTML tags and markdowns.

It seems to work for choice labels in Collect, but not in Enketo, see discussion in the forum Line breaks in choices - #8 by Kal_Lam and Include markdown in online web editor.

In Enketo, at the moment, line breaks only seem to work for notes and variable labels, but not for choice labels, guidance_hints and messages.
@Kal_Lam, @jnm ?

@Kal_Lam: I think the issue is not noted in the documentation?
(And it still doesn’t work for guidance_hints in Enketo? See Guidance Hint with line break?).

Different to range type, appearance vertical doesn’t seem to work with likert (in Enketo, and Collect?) See How do i create a form with a likert question in KoBoToolbox?.

You might also try to start each choice label with a “separating” sign, e.g. – or ||.
Futhermore, a normal select (without likert) might be an option, but you use the likert (and horizontal) style.

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@wroos, pinging @Xiphware here for some advise.


You read my mind, I thought about the same thing. The shortening worked so far but it would be nice to find a more permanent solution.