Limitation in data collection

I was not aware of this particular situation before. During this month, I had to do multiple surveys, not crossing 1000 responses (combined). Middle of the survey, the kobo system notified me about crossing the limit of monthly data submission. Upgrading to payment is not the solution for the moment. Also, I cannot wait for 1 February to let data collector upload their filled forms. What could be the best solution?

Welcome back to the community, @gambhir2046! You have two options here:

  • The first option is to upgrade your account to a paid plan so that you are able to hold all the submissions and storage to your account and at the same time also make additional submissions and storage as required for the project.
  • The second option is that you will need to delete your existing projects/submissions that are there in your account. This will make free space for you to make additional submissions/storage.