Limiting the Entry for Date Variable

Dear Kobo Community,

I would like to get your help about the date entry in Kobo.
For this entry, we would like to limit the users not to enter the dates after the day of data entry.
For example, a user should not enter a year for the date of certification or date of birth like 2 December 2022 or 2 December 2023, 2024 etc.

How can we limit this in the process of developing a form?

Thank you very much in advance.

Hi @ranaceylandag and welcome back to the community!

Note that this will allow today’s date aswell, if you don’t want today’s date as a valid answer, you can remove: =

If you are using Kobo’s own Form builder, setting validation code to . <= today() should work.

If you are using an XLS editor (excel, google tables, etc.), you can try this:

today xls editor

Hope this works,
Kolaylıklar :slight_smile: