Limiting the number of response in multiple select with not want to answer and select top two option

I want that If I select Don’t want to answer in a multiple choice, I would not be able to select other options, but for other options I want to choose only top 2

Hello @impact,
Avoid posting the same issue in this forum twice, please. Would you mind to remove one? See

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I removed the same issue

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@impact, would you mind describing your issue a bit so that the community should also be able to help you resolve your issue? At the moment, your issues seem to be a bit unclear.

If I got your question right, this should work:
MC_Constraint.xlsx (8.9 KB)

type label constraint constraint_message
select_multiple q1 MC Constraint not(selected(., ‘dont_want’) and count-selected(.) >1) and not(count-selected(.) >2) Not allowed. You can either choose only “dont want” or max. 2 other options (except “dont want”).
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Hello DSimon,
Thanks for your help. That really helps us a lot.

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