Limiting three contradictory response

Hi All,
I have one question which ask
‘Did you have to pay any money/material/service to get selected?’
And answer options are:
(a). Yes, money
(b). Yes, material
©. Yes, service
(d). No
(e). Do not wish to answer

It is select multiple type question. Now, what I need is:

  1. When at least one of options (a), (b), or © selected, then enumerator can’t select (d) or (e).
  2. When option (d) is selected, then no other option can be selected.
  3. When option (e) is selected, no other option can be selected.

How can I apply this constraint in my form in xls? Thanks in advance.

This post discussed previously should help you solve your issue:

Thanks a ton Kal_Lam. It worked for me as exactly as I wanted. Thanks for your prompt response.

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