Link/connect Kobo form/project to excel

Please how do I connect my Kobo form to an Excel file on my desktop so that submissions will be auto synced to that excel anytime I open it

@yendor, these support articles should help you do the same:

And this article too …

Note: Follow the first article to learn how to sync and then the second article to use the API to connect the projects to your Excel file.

please sir Im getting this error message attached while following your steps with OFFICE 2016

I was not successful

Did you use the API from this support article?

please sir I followed the steps in the article and was successful linking the form to google sheet but excel was unsuccessful, can you send me sample video on linking the form to excel to

Hi @yendor, we have a support article Connecting KoboToolbox to Microsoft Excel that should help you solve your issue.

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