Linking data in a repeat group

Is there anyway of linking data in a repeat group with the main data? We created a tool and forgot to add the interviewers name on the main form. Within that form, there is a repeat group asking details of HH members within each household. So we have 682 households housing 3807 members, Is there any way of linking those two? Like (household #) row one belongs to (hh members)??

Hi @bkgwadi
Thank you so much for reaching out, you can link the data using the parent_Id and child_Id that are available in both the main form and the child form in the excel document you have downloaded.


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@bkgwadi, this is the article advised by @stephanealoo

@Kal_Lam, the article is amazing. I am just wondering whether there is a possibility to get the data on HH head (the individual) on one row and data on the HH members (roster) on others below? Either by a manner of link the two tables or in a completely different manner? Thanks for any advice

Welcome to the community, @korbar! Could you describe your issue in a sketch so that the community should be able to understand it more pictorially?

Hello, thanks for welcoming me @Kal_Lam. I will try to explain the situation graphically. My understanding is that thanks to your advice I am able to get the top table from KoBo. In the same time, for import to another system, I would ideally need the bottom table. It would theoretically be possible with a pile of formulas, but I would think that there must be a more elegant solution. Is there?

@korbar, so do you mean you wish to merge both the tables in the same sheet?

@Kal_Lam sorry for later reply, I assumed I would get a notification - wrong assumption.

I mean to have HH head and members details in the same columns and one after another. I was not necessarily thinking about merging (that would be a rather Excel question although you would probably be able to help with this as well) but more of the possibilities to get the output like this from KoBo directly by setting the questionnaire correctly.