Linking url of google sheets to media tab in Kobo

Can we use the URL of google sheets in the media tab of Kobo to ensure the data Kobo is using stays current and up to date without have to re-upload every time something changes or gets added? Currently, I am getting an error when I try to use the url from google sheets (rather than uploading a static csv).
This is the error I get when pasting the url from google sheets. To get the url from google sheets, I clicked ‘share’, 'publish to web as csv, and copied the link.

@barefootocean, I don’t think that works, but we have a workaround for the use of media-url discussed in our previous post:

Thanks for your response. However, I am not trying to add an image to my survey.
I have csv’s with data that populate the dropdown lists in the survey, and want those to stay up to date in Kobo without having to upload a new csv every time data gets updated on the backend. I am hoping for a live connection via url between the google sheet and media tab of Kobo.