List of countries where KoboToolbox is being used?

Is there a list of countries where Kobo for Humanitarian Agencies is being used currently, if not can you tell me if it being used by UN Agencies or Other Agencies in Malawi?

Dan Maxson

I don’t know about Malawi but here in Ethiopia i know some UN agencies use it but not only UN agencies but also other non governmental organization using it.

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As you may be away the use of the KoBoToolBox system is not limited to specific countries. This will be driven by what and where users prefer to use it. As such there is a high probability that there are users in different countries. It would help if you provided the context of why you are specifically interested in Malawi based users.


In preparation for a government grant, it is helpful to know who else in the project country is using tools and resources. It assists in building a case and demonstrates in depth research into the preparation of the application.



Hi Dan
I understand your issue now. Unfortunately even if we had the detail, we may not be able to provide you with level of information since it does not have a direct bearing with the functionality or application of the system. On a similar note, we use a similar version across all countries. So you can build a case without need for a specific country as long as you understand the way the system works from our support articles.