Loading Error (Failing to load data)

Hello @Kal_Lam ,
I am facing similar issue. I have even validated the form on online validator. It is showing valid form. But when I try to open from the link, it is giving following message
error message

Requesting your advice on the same


OK, the first check I would request you to make is with the CSV file. Is your CSV file OK?

@Kal_Lam ,
Sure I would check. But what should I check in CSV file to mark it as ok? I am working on a clone of a project. The original project and CSV is working fine. Same CSV is uploaded in new project keeping all pulldata variables constant.

The data is being pulled during validation as below.

Form is being validated

Still while running the actual project on link, I am receiving the error message
error message

OK, I got you. Try to follow the workflow as outlined in this previous post and that should solve your issue:

Fantastic. This solved the issue. Thanks a lot.
I further found that while we need to add “save” step while designing a new project from scratch.

When you are designing a new project:

  • Design survey project (from form builder or upload an xlsform)
  • Upload CSV file/media file
  • Go to form edit, and without changing anything, press “save”
  • Deploy
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Just would like to add (esp. for first step): Do step-by-step design and check often with Online validator.
Kind regards