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Hello I have deployed the form for data collection unfortunately while when I use my credentials it loads and submits data but when a respondent tries to access they receive an error message as bellow please assist

The Challenge I have is that the respondents are not predefined , I am therefore unable to tell them for instance to change the browser

I have gone through previous posts on the attached error and they don’t seem to resolve the issue I have. My survey targets people I don’t know and I am therefore unable to tell them to update their browsers. The survey is web based, I share the link on many platforms with expecting random respondents.

I will appreciate your assistance

Welcome to the community, @machemok! This post discussed previously should help you solve your issue:

How do I ask a respondent filling the form online whom I don’t know to update their browser? And that’s where my problem is

I hope you will take time to understand my issue here. Allow me to repeat. The respondents are unknown, I need to share the link on some social Media platforms. I can’t therefore have the opportunity to ask respondents to update their browsers.

@machemok, you must inform your enumerators to use a modern browser to fill out the survey form.

Very Unfortunate but thanks.

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