Loading error message seen when trying to enter a data through Enketo

How do we fix this error and keep the calculation? Please post more details about how to fix this error message.

@allykrupar5, could you kindly share with us the following information through a private message so that we could have a closer look at your case on what is causing this issue:

  • Username
  • Project name
  • Server

@allykrupar5, as a quick check have you validated your xlsform through this online validator?

Yes, and it does not duplicate the error.

@allykrupar5, could you quickly share with us a screen shot of the error message that you get at your end?

It’s the same as the screenshot in the first post in this thread:

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@allykrupar5, will have a closer look and get back to you.

There has been similar posts before, maybe providing some hints
(Search function of this forum, with token “previousElementSibling”).

@allykrupar5, apologies for the delayed response. While looking at your survey project closely, I observed the following issues:

Issue 1: You placed the value 30 under the wrong column, i.e., you had placed it under calculation:

Solution 1: I placed it under the appropriate column body::kb:flash:

Issue 2: You didn’t have " wrapped for http://kobotoolbox.org/xforms:

Solution 2: I wrapped http://kobotoolbox.org/xforms with ":

The third and final change I made was not that crucial, but as a good practice, I would like to inform you as it would also be beneficial for the entire community. Making this change helps the browser automatically detect the default language and proceed with the survey, i.e., if your browser has a default language of English, the survey would automatically open with English language while if your browser had a default language of Arabic, it would automatically open with Arabic language.

Issue 3: You had left the language without any language code:

Solution 3: I provided an appropriate language code:

Note: I have updated your xlsform in your survey project, and now you should not see the error message anymore.