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I need your Help

the application is generating this error when editing any form


Welcome to the community, @cristian.castaneda! Have you validated your xlsform through this online validator? It should be able to help you identify the syntax issues that are present within your xlsform. If you, however, still are not able to identify the issue, please feel free to share it with the community.

Hello good day @Kal_Lam

since the last update of the application kobotoolbox. I have been doing domain updates on my forms and all the forms do not allow me to edit on enketo , why is this happening?
I use a promagram called xlsform offline and everything is ok, I can create records but it does not allow me to edit them

I think it’s something in the library because that didn’t happen to me before

Thank you for your collaboration and I hope you can help me

Hi @cristian.castaneda
Can you test your form here as earlier suggested.


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Hi @stephanealoo

Form_FDTJ1.xlsx (95.7 KB)

after June update, I updated my forms that were working very well,
I made basic updates on the domains (the form did not change)
I don’t understand is why I can insert new records in the form but I can’t edit the records

I send an example copy and video Rec 0002

ok the problem is ${last-saved#variable}

the solution is delete the variable

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Thank you @cristian.castaneda for updating the entire community with the solution that worked for you.

unable to deploy

your form cannot be deployed because it contains errors:

[row : 26] List name not in choices sheet: rt38n73

What do I do please. SOS

Sorted out.
It was an error in the coding of response options.
Thank you

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