Loading error related to authentification

Dear all,

Two weeks ago I have activated the requirement for authentification in order to submit data. However, many users hae experienced issue and receive this loading error. However, the form does exist and hasn’t been deleted or archived. So I don’t understand where the problem is coming from.

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Welcome back to the community, @VDeom! Would you mind checking the following to ensure if everything is OK:

  • The enumerators/respondents use a modern browser (like Chrome, Firefox, Edge, etc.). Please note that these browsers should also be up-to-date. If it’s outdated it could still be an issue.
  • As an admin, please check the sharing permission to ensure that you have provided the enumerators with Add Submissions. Failing to have this permission should also result in similar issues.

Dear Kal,

The users also use another questionnaire for which they don’t have that problem so I don’t think it is related to their browser but i’ll check.
I have given them the following permissions : Add submissions

Edit submissions

Validate submissions

View form

View submissions

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