Location search field in geopoint not working


The search box at the top of the maps in the geo-widgets is not working (does not do anything).

Steps to Reproduce

I deployed enketo’s ultimate geo widgets under KoBoToolBox here. There you can compare the two behaviours, the first one is the expected one. :slight_smile:

Expected behavior

The map field should zoom to the city typed in.

Actual behavior

I am not able to change the map focus with that search box. Nothing happens (there is not even an error message)

Additional details

Checked in firefox & chrome on desktop (Win10) & android. FWIW, If I remember correctly a few months ago (~april?) this feature had been working as expected.

Thanks for looking into this!

I have also seen the same, do you have the original XLS form I try uploading it on my side too for further assessment


Hi Stephane,
here you are. Thanks for looking into this.

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Hi Stephane, while the kobotoolbox–>enketo implementation apparently uses Openstreetmap to render the map tiles, it seems to use the googlemaps geocoding API to resolve the street addresses into coordinates (I’ve quickly checked the embedded javascript in my deployments). So IMHO this can be an API key (& quota) issue. Can you (=someone from Kobo) check your API key status (usage/quota) on google cloud platform? (Maybe you also need to restrict it carefully, as it seems to be exposed in the javascript…)
Thanks a lot,

For the record: this issue has been pointed out and resolved here:

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