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We need to get GPS coordinates from +700 villages.

Question: is it possible to lock villages after having its GPS Coordinate?

It will help avoid double entry as enumerator might be confused with the long list of villages during GPS data collection.

Many thanks.

Could you kindly clarify what you are trying to refer to …

Thanks for quick reply.

For instance, District of Columbia let’s say has 100 streets and we need each street’s GPS coordinate.
When an enumerator got the GPS Coordinates of the “10th Street NE 20002” and moves to the “10th Street NE 20017” in this stage, is it possible to lock or grey-out the “10th Street NE 20002” from drop down list? So that an enumerator could not choose the “10th Street NE 20002” again.


So you mean you wish to pull the last saved value (for a particular question) to the current form? If this is what you are seeking would like to inform you that this feature is not supported in KoBoToolbox. But please be informed that KoBoToolbox will soon be adding this feature. And will let you know when the same is available with KoBoToolbox.

I see. Again, I meant if there are let’s say 100 schools in a community, when I got the GPS coordinates of the school#1 and submit the gps coordinates.
Next, I move to school#2 and open questionnaire, where I want to see the school#1 locked or greyed-out in the drop down list option as the gps for school#1 was already taken and Kobo will not allow me to chose school#1 again as school#1 was already submitted.

Seems like you have a sample frame and your team is collecting data in the field. If say sample 1 has already been collected and submitted to the server, the enumerator should not collect the data form sample 1 again. There should be some indications that sample 1 has already been collected? Is this what you are looking for?

Yes, you are correct.

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Ok, if this is your requirement you should be able to do it through our upcoming new feature Dynamic Data Attachment. Will let you know when it’s live with KoBoToolbox.

But please be informed that you will not be able to lock it completely but the enumerator will at least know that the data is already collected for that particular sample.

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Fabulous. This would be very helpful.

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Hi @Amriddin
Just as an emphasis, this is an upcoming future, and as such if you needed to use the system within the next few days you may have to work with off-system documentation of the surveyed schools till we release this wonderful solution.


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Hi , when its expected to be out?

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Soon, but don’t have the exact date for it.

Hola, leyendo este hilo eso seria muy pero muy bueno cuando se logre implementar y ojala en un futuro no muy lejano, solo tengo una consulta, si por ejemplo, el encuestador 1 le realizo la encuesta a la persona 1 y por algun motivo el encuestador 2 trata de realizar la misma encuesta le saldra algun tipo de aviso indicando que ya fue realizada?.
Por otro laso tambien seria muy bueno si se pudiese a futuro implementar la traida de datos alojados en el servidor para encuestas que este en proceso de diligenciamiento, algo asi como se puede hacer en la cache de formularios web pero que en vez de alojarlos alli si se puedan enviar al servidor y recuperarlos cuando uno quiera retomar ese tipo de encuesta.

De igual forma me pone contento este tipo de nuevos detalles.

@LuisB, do you mean respondent 1 was entered/collected in the baseline survey/round 1 survey and when coming to the endline survey/round 2 survey you would like to see if respondent 1 was already entered in the baseline survey/round 1 survey?

Estimado @Kal_Lam exacto ese seria un panorama, o por ejemplo, si encuestador 1 realiza una encuesta de la muestra por ejemplo la numero 1234 y ya fue enviada al servidor, que ese numero de encuesta cuando otro encuestador la vaya a realizar arroje un aviso que ya se encuentra efectiva y alojada en el servidor.

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Yes @LuisB, this can be done with the upcoming feature in KoBoToolbox.

@Kal_Lam , excelente, esto nos ayudara montones en las recolecciones que requieren trabajar con muestra o con cuotas de recolección, mil gracias por todo sus esfuerzos.