Log-in Trouble


Our staff in Ethiopia is no longer able to log into their accounts. Is anyone else having this trouble?



Hi @kimbatts,

Are you still facing the problem? If yes, you could select forgot my password (in the login dialogue box). Having done this, a password will be sent to your mail (the one that you registered the account with). You can login with the password and then later on reset the password (that is convenient to you).


Hello Kim
im in Ethiopia what respond did you get from kobo? i really like to help if you staff near by me.
do your staff use proxy server? do your organization use a vlan with restriction?
you can get my contact if you need to


Unfortunately I never received a response from Kobo. The staff needed to re-sign up for another account.


Hi @kimbatts,

Did you try the one that i suggested you in your reply post almost 6 hours ago? If you were not successful, please let us know.