Logout and Form Download issues

I can’t Logout from KobotoolBox account or download the form even after cleaning the catche and restarting my laptop. What could be wrong with my laptop since it clearly logout out in other people’s laptops and refuse to logout or download xls forms from those of others.

Here are my login credentials:
Username: xxxxxxx

@elamach_benson, would you mind clearing your browser’s cache to see how it behaves? Or try to use a different browser (a modern one like Chrome, Firefox, Edge to see how it behaves)?

I cleared the cache and in all browsers you have mentioned but it doesn’t work still.
Use my login credentials to see what could be the problem.
xxxxxxx username

@elamach_benson, please do not share your login credentials in the public posts. Would you mind checking this on a different PC to see how it behaves?

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