Making huge number of enumerator to add submission

I have deployed a form. But the number of enumerators that I have is just too many. Is there any way that I don’t need to add their username one by one in the sharing window? Or maybe, make the form public (the enumerators already have their own account) so that I don’t need to add their usernames?

@faqihr, it depends upon the objective of your data management process. The question first comes on why do you wish to add all the names of the enumerators’ accounts to your project. If the list (of enumerators) is too long and difficult to manage, maybe you could provide them with a special code and keep a question that captures the response for this special code. You could then make that question mandatory so that it would not accept any other codes provided.

Maybe this could also help you know who is submitting the response for your survey.

The objective of this form is actually to collect as much data as possible. So, it would be nice if people can easily access the form to add submissions. Can we let other users add submissions without me (the owner of the form) setting up the sharing setting to add users one by one? Or any tips to work around my issue? The team I am working is quite big. so adding users is very time-consuming.

In this case, you could simply share the Enketo survey link for respondents to participate.

This is possible, but for this, you will need to provide them with Manage Permission. With this permission, the other users could distort your data (both the form as well as the data) so personally, if you do not have trust in sharing the project with other users, I would not advise this approach of sharing your project.

Where can I find the Manage Permission?

@faqihr, you should be able to learn more about the same through these two support articles: