Maps Widget only appears in desktop version of Enketo


when I open an Enketo form produced with the non-humanitarian server ( in a browser (Firefox 66.0.2 and Chrome 73) on my smartphone (Android 7.0), in geo questions (position, line, area) the map doesn’t appear. When I then go to the options of my browser and click “request desktop site”, I can see the map. Why is it that the mobile version of an Enketo doesn’t allow me to see the maps but the desktop version does ?

Thank you for your answers !


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Hi @tyburn,

That’s pretty odd. I just tested on my iPhone 7 on both safari and chrome and had no issue viewing a map in a project.

I could be wrong, but I’m assuming it has something to do with the default settings on your android device.

Hey there,
it doesn’t seem to work on every device. I also asked the question on enketo google group and the pragmatic solution is to change the appearance of the map. Adding “maps” to that field worked fine for me. The documentation of apparences for maps can be found here.