Mark question by colored backgroung

Is anybody abel to help me?

I want to make forms extremly visual.
Whenever one of the questions in my form has an answer/was filled out in any way, i would love to see the background of that question changing to green.

Alltogether the form will be extremly easy to understand, what is finished, whatis is still on the to do list

If nessessary i will pay a developer

What application are you using to ‘render’ your form? eg ODK Collect, or Enketo, or some other XForm client?

You might also think about how you want to handle questions that have a default value: should they immediately be green (since they have an ‘answer’ by default), or only if when the default answer is edited? (in which case, if the user then nulls the value, what color should it be?..).

Also, since you are going about coloring things anyway, you may also want to think about if/how you want to handle required questions. eg if required=true() and its not answered yet, color it red?

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i am beginner and using kobo collect

i understand it the opposit way.
every question is “a job to do”.
as log as there is no entry, it is on the to do list and show display this very clearly.
would be perfect to start with a red background at every question.

i do not have default entrys.

requiring is all over the form.
job is finished when every question has an answer.
but sometimes this takes time.
so i do not want to forche anybody to enter data that is not available at that point.
but with changing backgrounds it will be extremly easy to understand what to do.

do you have practise with rendering you own app?

OK. Then every question that has a value must have been explicitly answered by the user, which makes your job of determining what they’ve filled in easier: if its not null then its been answered [which is not necesarily true if you had defaults!].

This is effectively saying all questions are required…

… but you want the user to be able to answer questions in any order they choose. This is a bit tricky, and rather depends on what client you are using. The Enketo web-based client allows you to answer any question at any time (but you cant submit until all required are answered). But with the ODK Collect client, if a question is required you typically must answer it before it allows you to move to the next question.

So, again, it rather depends on what client you intend to use to fill in your forms as to how best to proceed.

I like the proffessional design of kobo collect very much.

My first try was with kobo collect.

As i do not set question as “required” and user understand that it has be be answered because background is still red, every app looks fine so fare.

Only kobo can not help me with dynamic fields (for example, ad as many pictures as you need to answer the question), i am now looking for an other colletion app.

With xlsform a am fine and i found it realy easy to understand and generate my own forms.

At the momemt i wish to have something to combine the results of different forms for the same issue to one folder automaticaly. For examle, when i name the result of three forms the same way, i would love to see this three results regarding the same issue at the same folder.

And as i see the building a form and collection data is so extremely easy within an app, i would love to find an other app that make a word or pdf form,that can be fillied out by the xls result to make a similar easy presentation, documentation or report that i can design myself and share with friends and collegues.

With a fairly minor modification, you could change Kobo Collect (actually, ODK Collect) to change the background to green when a question has been answered. However, the only way Collect can actually prevent users from submitting an incomplete form is to use required fields (or a question w/ constraints). Just so that you are aware…

This can be accomplished by putting a photo question in a repeat group. The user can then repeat to add as many photos as they want.

KoboToolbox, and ODK tools in general, are based on XForms technology, which is something quite different from - and far more sophisticated than - a simple Word doc or PDF form. You can certainly render or format a completed XForm into something like a PDF or Word doc for display or printing purposes, but attempting to, say, convert an XForm/XLSForm into a ‘smart’ PDF will necessarily involve a significant loss of functionality (eg no show/hide logic, no calculated results, …). Which is why no such conversion tools exist AFAIK.

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